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Do you have 10K followers on social media and have not yet started monetizing your content? Well, Kranos lets you share your passion directly with your fans. These fans help you start earning at Kranos through #cupofchai and monthly membership. Whether you are a videographer, YouTuber, artist, or food blogger, you can join this platform, share your content here, and get paid viable recurring earnings for the work you provide to your fans and supporters.

For creator at Kranos

If you join as a creator at Kranos India, you will get a lot of benefits along with getting paid for your work. Fan recognize your talent, monthly membership, a creator’s dashboard to track down your monthly earning, your ever-increasing fan base, etc. When you start sharing your exclusive content with your fans, they help you with financial support for the content you prepare for them. In that way, you can focus more on content creation.

For supporters at Kranos

There are special perks and benefits if you join as a supporter at Kranos. You can start supporting your favorite creator through some chai i.e, A token of monetary appreciation to the creator. Most chai giving support becomes the top follower to the creator. You will get recognized by your favorite creator. If you take up a monthly membership at Kranos you also get exciting rewards to be their fans like getting access to different groups, exclusive content from them, and much more.

Who can join Kranos?

Creators who wish to start earning at Kranos an additional source of income can get on board as a creator at Kranos. There is a list of creators who can join.

1. YouTubers

2. Videographers

3. Webcomics artist

4. Writers/bloggers/vloggers

5. Podcasters

6. Musicians

7. Memers

8. Educational content creators

9. Dancers

10. Painters & Artists

Join now to start exploring your passion and start earning at Kranos India from your fans.

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Benefit as a creator at Kranos

Let us summarize when you join Kranos as a creator you enjoy certain benefits like sharing your creativity, recognition from fans, generating source of income. There are advantages to being here.

1. Get a chai from fans

When you join the platform as a creator at Kranos you get a chai as a monetary reward from your fans and supporters. Sharing content with them will give you #cupofchai from them so, this will also keep you focused on creating unique content for your fans. At the end of the month, you can track down the amount of chai you received from your fans through the creator’s dashboard.

2. Appreciation from fans

Yes, it is motivation from your fans that will keep you going. It is an essential factor to make you feel more enthusiastic about creating unique content for your fans. There is a section in the Kranos where fans can share their special appreciating comments through “chai pe charcha”. You are fully responsible for your content so you need to share royalty-free content that your supporters can easily view.

3. Join for free

The first step to being a creator is to Sign up for being a creator at Kranos. It is free. Fill in your general details. Share your social media accounts, and the types of creators you are get verified, and your Kranos creator account is ready. Start adding content to your profile, make it appealing for your fans, add a goal, and let your fans complete it. Share your Kranos link, and add it to your social media Bio. Let fans and followers know this platform where you share content. The next step is to know that fans will help you complete your goal.

4. Earn through membership

Kranos membership is a great way you can get viable recurring income. Creators start to join and share content with fans. Fans can get offered with a monthly membership. Invite them to support your unique and distinctive content on the platform and also them some fruitful and exciting rewards so they can keep helping you through the Kranos membership program. It will mostly be a monthly subscription basis.

5. 90% income directly to the creators

As a creator, you offer Memberships and get monthly subscriptions from your fans. You earn 90% of the income through your fans and directly to your account. We make sure all payments transactions are safe and timely. To protect our creators at Kranos we make sure that you will not encounter any fraudulent situation. You can reach out to us if you have any doubts regarding payment options or complaints Kranos make sure you will not have to go through any of the payment problems. Our motive is to make this platform a safe place for our creators and also that they get time to focus only on their content.

Benefits as a supporter at Kranos

Let us summarize when you join Kranos as a supporter that is because you love the creator’s content. And as a supporter, you support them by giving them financial benefits by buying them a chai or membership option.

As a supporter you first need to create an account, add a payment option, and join the membership offered by your favorite creators. You also get a few benefits to check it out below.

1. Get content of your interest

Follow your favorite creators at Kranos and get their access to their exclusive content. You will be following the creators of your choice. The content they make is of your likes and interest. As a supporter, you can give them chai and get the perks of being their top fan.

2. Support them by monthly subscription

The content offered by your creator can be subscribed through a monthly membership. You get a chance to support them financially and helping them in completing their goals. Supporters can see the type of creator content that suits their interests. Sign up as a supporter, check out the content by their creators and subscribe to the membership perfectly suitable for them.

3. Connect with your favorite creator

Membership at Kranos always comes with some exciting rewards for their supporters. Some enthusiastic creators love to reward their supporters with some virtual meetups or add you to private groups. Different creators offer various membership perks to their supporters. So if you are a constant supporter of your content creator you may also get a chance to connect with them. These are some rewards you would surely like to have.

4. Safe payment option

Kranos ensure that Supporters face any fraudulent payment activity on the platform. We have different payment methods and a safe payment gateway so that you can support your content creator on Kranos. If you have any question regarding payment and refunds you can get back to us at

5. Get rewarded by your creators

On being a supportive fan at Kranos your creators give you an exclusive reward. Rewards depend on the creators and also the type of membership you subscribe to on the platform. There are options given by the creator on taking a monthly membership you would receive some rewards. It can be in the form of exclusive content, adding to private social groups, having a virtual connection with like-minded creators, extra content for the month, Sketches by mail. It all depends on the type of creators you subscribe to Kranos.

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Both creators and supporters have benefited from Joining Kranos.

To get started on Kranos you need to sign up as a creator or supporter. Creators can begin adding their content, sharing with their fans, and start earning at Kranos. Supporters can support their creators by giving them chai and getting a monthly subscription. Both get rewards as a supporter and creators.

So start your journey, Join now!



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